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About Pacific Rim Engineering:

Because the Semiconductor industry is a constant ever changing marketplace, we believe that being first is no longer good enough. We strive to deliver what we believe to be the basics of a proven and successful customer support model which is "Professional Service". At Pacific Rim Engineering this is our primary basis of doing business.

So what does this really mean to a potential customer? Simply put, it means that we provide our customers with honest, knowledgeable, sincere and timely service period. While this may sound a bit old fashioned to some, we know that it really works because we have the satisfied customers to prove it!

  • Reputation - more than 30 years, held in high regard by our principals, distributors, customers and associates….Demand Creation!
  • Access - our people have built relationships with customer and distributor executives by “growing up” with them.
  • Stability - experienced employees, many years with PACIFIC RIM and our business partners.
  • International - we work and communicate with our international partners companies and subcontractors in
    • United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany
    • Italy, Sweden, Russia
    • Taiwan, India, China, Japan
    • Australia, Argentina, Canada
  • Manpower - our total USA coverage and market knowledge is superior because we have more people and develop more opportunities.
  • Skill - well trained in Microelectronic products, markets and applications.
  • Value - our customers and distributors depend upon us for our knowledge, stability with our product lines and good service
  • Tracking and Reporting Systems - internally developed, provide comprehensive information to our principles and ourselves
  • Financial Stability - we will be here in the future
  • Saturation Coverage - We reinvest rapidly in additional people. We Have more people, more coverage, higher sales and better results

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